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Deez                                  Story 

     Deez Cosmetics is a unique line of beauty enhancement products that are designed to not only enhance a woman’s outer beauty but to give the user tools and affirmations that will empower them inwardly. Every product affirmation is tailored to the area in which it will be applied and specific to color. Each product from DEEZ cosmetics has an embedded affirmation created by a team of people specific to the physical, mental and social wellness of the woman; that when spoken consistently, will give the woman a new found inward freedom. Many people suffer with low self-esteem yet almost half of women in America alone age 30-59 wear make-up daily. This is proof that make-up, though an enhancement to the physical appearance and aids in outward confidence, it solely is not curing the self-esteem issues in women.


Our products are designed to invoke change and a movement of women’s empowerment through inner beauty. The more women speak positive words over their lives the better and more productive they will feel and become. DEEZ Cosmetics brings positivity and confidence together. While women are applying our high quality, non-animal tested, vegan products they will be provided with affirmations they can speak about themselves to empower, emboldened and embody the essence of the Queens they truly are. DEEZ Is not restrictive to adult women. Teenage girls also struggle with low self-esteem and the majority of teenagers who struggle with esteem issues engage in negative activities as a result. DEEZ cosmetics has product lines and affirmations for teens and queens alike.


Join the movement and share DEEZ with others.


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Erin Floyd 

     They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for me, I could never figure out how to behold my own beauty. For years I struggled with wrong ideas about myself, wrong ideas about others, and wrong ideas about relationships. Having to overcome challenges such as being a teen mother, in the juvenile justice system, sexual assault and depression, I would speak negatively about myself, my situations and others.

   I was conditioned by society to believe that beauty was only on the outside, however, I still found myself broken on the inside. It wasn’t until I discovered my true beauty from within that I began to see myself from a different lens. Speaking words of affirmation, writing them down and building my esteem through positive words and positive thinking brought life to my beauty and allowed me to see the beauty in others.


   I no longer had to pretend or put on a “mask” but I am now able to enhance my outward appearance because the beauty is radiant within. 

Ruth Miller

    Identity is what makes you, you. For many, it takes years to figure out who we are and what we want to be. For some, it comes easy, others it takes a lifetime, BUT NOT YOU! We have so many people in our lives telling us we are beautiful, why is it so easy for them to see but so difficult for me/you, us to see. If you are like me it took years for me to see the beautiful me...the one everyone else saw. I spent years trying to be the person that everyone else wanted me to be. My entire life people told me I would be famous, I would be this and that, and that I should do certain things to achieve it. In pubic I appeared like I was “that chick” but in secret I was lacking self esteem.


   I often felt like I didn’t have the assets that everyone one else possessed, because of that, my self esteem was in the gutter. But after years of self reflection and speaking positively about myself, I started to see what everyone else saw. I started telling myself all the things that everyone else in my life always told me. Over time, these positive affirmations stuck and I want to share what helped me make it through with others like me. Let’s forget about the past and live in the now!


   So my desire for you is for you to become the most authentic beautiful you that you can be NOW!

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